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Sri Sainadha Badrika Ashram

Every Elder Deserves Love,
Care And Respect

Sri Sainatha Badarika Ashram Having or not having is a matter of incidence. God created poverty for testing the nobility of the influential and made children the reflectors of man’s conduct throughout his life. This Old Age Home serves the helpless and the poor elderly with servitude, for free and Now seeks your support for continuing its service. Right from inception Sri Sainadha Badarika Ashram's goal has been to provide the best possible services the old people living in the home, without compromising on the quality of services. Even though setting up many of the services being provided to the old people in Sri Sainadha Badarika Ashram, involved quite an investment, Sri Sainadha Badarika Ashram, with it's immense goodwill and generous supporters has been able to mobilise resources to setup these services. At present Sri Sainadha Badarika Ashram has more than 10 inmates who are being provided with all possible services. Sri Sainadha Badarika Ashram has been one of the Best Old Age Home in Hyderabad.

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